“It should always be remembered that America did not “go to war” in 1860. America was attacked in 1860 by a formidable rebel faction seeking to protect the expansion of slavery. That faction did not simply want slavery to continue in America; they dreamed of a tropical empire of slavery encompassing Cuba, Nicaragua, and perhaps the whole of South America. This faction was not only explicitly pro-slavery but explicitly anti-democratic. The newly declared Confederacy attacked America not because it was being persecuted, but because it was unable to win a democratic election.”

“In the last decade, scientists have concluded that humans have lived into older adulthood since 30,000 years ago … people in these societies who survived childhood lived about as long as 19th-century Swedes did — into their 50s and beyond.”

Turnip from today’s garden.

“The lawn is America’s biggest biggest crop, three times as big as corn.”

“Getting sound to the brain is the “first and most important step” in preventing sensory deprivation that can contribute to cognitive dysfunction.”

“63% of Americans support “doing away with the Electoral College and basing the election of the president on the total vote cast throughout the nation.” Only 29% support our current method of electing the president. Significantly, at least 60% of voters in every single age group and supporters of both major political parties and independents say they would prefer a popular vote for president.”

It’s the battering of bones
It’s the saving of face
It’s the courage to turn your back on the way you were raised

(Source: youtube.com)